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Am I a Project Manager Already?
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Have I Been a Project Manager All Along and Not Realized it?

Do you think you may be a project manager but your title is different? What exactly defines a project manager? These are important questions as you may have many more opportunities out there than you realize at the moment. 

By dictionary definition, a project manager is a “person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a project”. However, what is the difference between a project and what you do everyday at work as part of the ongoing mission?

Project Management Institute (PMI®), the gold standard authority on all things project management defines a product as having distinct characteristics. These include:

1. A project is temporary in nature

2. Has a definitive beginning and end

3. Produces a specific product, service, or result. 

So in essence, it is different that a product or service already in normal operations. A project is designed to meet a new market demand for a service or product. Or it may be in response to a new government regulation. 

Am I a project manager and not even know it? 

Think about “Obama-Care”, more formerly known as the “Affordable Care Act”. Imagine how many projects were a result of this mandate? 

A human resource (HR) person had to reclassify employees as whether they met the new legal definition of part-time or full-time employees, if the healthcare being offered meets the standard minimum coverage etc. 

Using this example alone, a HR person may have acting as a ‘project manager” and not even realized it! If this were a multi-year project, that HR person who led the effort may even qualify to sit for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and not realize it. 

If this same person used Agile methodology (even inadvertently- such as using free tools on the web such as Trello), this HR person may be able to certify as a PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP). Both of these certifications may demand a much higher salary than a traditional HR person! 

Another example is that of a “Construction Manager”. These folks do not realize how much project management they have completed. 

These eexamples can include many other career fields. For another example, read “Are Educators Project Managers? You bet your class they are!”

What about those who served in the military? You are most likely a project manager and did not even realize it. Especially if you were a NCO or Officer! 

As a leader in the military, were you ever assigned a mission to lead? Even an infantry mission? A “mission” in military speak is a “project” in the civilian world. 

Why? Missions inherently are specific projects that have a definitive beginning and end and produce a product, service, or result. 

Example: Your Platoon Leader tells you on deployment, “Staff Sergeant Smith, you are to take your squad and set up a perimeter around this base-camp.” You have been given a mission (or project) to complete that takes planning, procurement management (for materials such as concertina wire, mines, etc.), monitoring and controlling your detail (personnel) etc. In other words, you led and managed a project. 

It is important to know the value of being a project manager. According to the Federal Times:

PMI analysis concluded that between now and 2020, there will be an estimated 234,883 open project management jobs each year across seven project-intensive industries, for a total of 939,532 jobs over the next four years: business services, construction, finance and insurance, information services, manufacturing, oil and gas, and utilities. This will result in an annual domestic economic impact of more than $156 billion. Across the globe, the impact is even more dramatic: 1.57 million available project management jobs per year between now and 2020 will drive a worldwide economic impact of more than $661 billion annually.”

Recent studies show that being a certified project manager results in more demand for you, the job seeker, and a pay increase of 20%. We are talking about six-figure salaries and job security. 

So if you are interested in learning more about certification, contact us at PMCertDC or click the button below. 

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