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Best National Project Management Training Company for 2019

pmec best pmp training company 2019

What is the best project management training  company?

With so many options to choose from, PMCertDC looked at some of the major firms in the training industry and chose one winner.

Although we feel that choosing and supporting local training companies is your best choice, we will explore the best regional training companies at a later time. This article will choose a winner based on major companies that have an international or national foot print.

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The methodology employed comes from industry insiders who teach the various courses as freelance instructors, user reviews, type of instruction material used, how they select and pay their freelance instructors, location for accountability and fees charged for classes.

This is based off the opinion of the author.


Winner- PMEC – www.pmexam.com

PMEC is a rising star in the training world. Based out of Reston, VA in the Washington D.C. metro area, PMEC holds training in major markets such as Washington D.C., San Jose, Detroit, St. Louis etc., PMEC is our national winner to help you earn your PMP, PMI-ACP, or CAPM certification on your first attempt. In fact, they guarantee it! .

First and foremost, unlike companies that purport to be from the United States but actually operate from overseas,, PMEC takes their instructor selection process seriously. Unlike many other companies, finding an instructor at below market rates in order to merely make a profit is not their way of doing things. Additionally, PMEC trains their instructors to teach the PMEC way in order to have a standardized process no matter which are of the country the instructor is teaching from.

Their curriculum, while not taught as PMCertDC curriculum is taught (in the logical order of a project) is otherwise top-notch. The curriculum is very in-depth and does a great job of interspersing Agile principles that are becoming more prevalent in the project management world.

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The recent updates to their customer service is also what propelled them to the top category. Previous student complaints of lack of information are being actively addressed with a dedicated customer service line. PMEC allows a student to shift their training as needed in order to meet the students needs or desires.

PMEC only selects the best training locations which is not cheap! In the Washington D.C. area, they contract with Metro Offices which has class A training space complete with free gourmet coffee, free parking, light rail accessible, internet equipped etc.

All of their courses are taught live and can be taken in-class or online. This is great for veterans stationed overseas or those in a remote location where in-class instruction is not an option. Additionally, the majority of their online courses are taught simultaneously with in-class students.

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No company is perfect and this includes our national/ international winner. The price of training is on the higher end. However, that price includes catered lunch, 30 day unlimited use of exam simulator, expert instructors, and actual printed slides that are professionally bound in a manual format. They also guarantee passage of the exam or your course fee is refunded. Of course, there are some conditions to this guarantee.

Like all other national companies, PMEC is forced to move class dates which can be an inconvenience to students as well. Unlike a local company, the instructors are freelanced (and paid well), the space is rented, and in order to “break even”, a minimal amount of students are needed. This is also being addressed by PMEC according to a source we reached out to.

PMEC caters to both the individual student as well as to government and corporate clients. Some of their major clients include Accenture, Mercedes Benz USA, Microsoft, and Boeing just to name a few. They also have major universities that contract them for training to include the University of Minnesota, University of Arizona etc.

Conclusion: After researching extensively major companies such as Project Management Academy, Sprint Zeal, Grey Campus, etc., We are proud to name PMEC as the national/ international winner for excellence in 2019.

Of course, we still feel that your best option is PMCertDC, but if you do not choose PMCertDC, we highly recommend PMEC for your training needs.

Nathan J. Kerr, MS, PMP is the co-owner and founder of PMCertDC – Washington D.C.’s metro area premier project management boot camp provider.

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