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What is the Best PMP Exam Simulator on the market? It’s not who you think it is.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

First a little background on how I came to my conclusion.

One of the luxuries of being a local PMP and CAPM training company owner is that I am, believe it or not, frequently hired out by many of my competitors to teach their courses as a freelance instructor. It’s a win-win situation, they get a great instructor (and pay me well to do so) and I get the chance to audit many different courses and their study tools.

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It also allows me to research for my own company the best curriculum and study tools and gives me a benchmark to compare. After all, many of these national and international companies have been in the business longer than I have. But what I have found even surprises me.

As a professional, and being friends with some of the owners of the other companies, I will never name them nor the product they are using. But I will always tell, based on my opinion, what the best of the best is. And sometimes, I may not even be able to use these products myself as some are simply cost prohibitive.

In this case, it is an exam simulator that is hands down the best in my opinion. I pay more money to license this company than I would like to admit as I believe in their product that much. I could easily have licensed less expensive products in bulk.

For individual persons wishing to purchase this product, it is actually individually priced very competitively. Read below and I will give you a coupon code if you are interested in the product.

Why you need to use a real-life simulator to practice for the PMP exam?

https://pmcertdc.com/pmp-capm-exam-washington-dc-tysons-va-urbana-md/ Let me start by stating what most PMP certified people will tell you. It is hands-down the hardest exam I ever took. It is an exam you want to go into with confidence knowing that you will pass on the first attempt.

The first step in passing on the first attempt is to take a quality PMP or CAPM prep boot camp. Even if you took a longer course elsewhere or in college. It will not be enough! Click here for our boot camps which so far have a 99.9% first time passage rate.

The second step (which is obvious) is to register and pay for the exam at PMI. The final step is to study your ass off and take real world exam simulators seriously. And remember, you get what you pay for.

While there may be “free” simulators, they are more than likely junk. To find a good simulator such as the one we recommend below, you need to find one that will discover and help eliminate your weaknesses. You do not know what you “don’t know” until you discover it. This is especially true for the PMP or CAPM exam. During PMP or CAPM boot camp, you are learning a lot of great information very quickly. Unless you truly have a photographic memory, no student can retain all of the information.

A real life quality simulator will have them separated by test being taken. A CAPM student should take a simulated test based on the areas (and percentage of questions known to come from each area) for the CAPM. For PMP students, the same applies. A quality company designs their simulators towards the actual exam being taken.

Simulators also build your exam taking muscles. Imagine training for a basketball tournament. You will want to exercise and train the muscles important for that particular sport. The same is true for a real-life PMP or CAPM exam simulator.

So who is has the best PMP or CAPM exam simulator?

Hands down, the best company we can recommend is PM Master Prep. Why?


Taking full length simulated exams is important. Especially if you mimic the testing environment. PM Master Preps full length examinations do just that. They are timed with a clock displayed. They never draw on the same questions per section as they have a test bank of over 2,000 real life simulated PMP or CAPM exam questions.

PM Master Prep Book

But once you take the initial exam, the results will show you your weaknesses. PM Master Prep provides mini-exams based on single knowledge areas or process groups. These are vital for study time in-between taking the full simulated exams.

Deep Question Bank:

Repetition is vital to your success. With such a large question bank, each time you take a mini-exam or full-length exam, you are randomly being assigned different questions within each knowledge area or process group. This is VERY important. So many companies fail in this metric.

Tough Simulated Questions: It is important that the types of questions you get in simulation mimics the tough questions you will get on the real exam. PM Master Prep’s author of the content delivered is a project management guru.

Types of simulators to choose from:

PM Master Prep offers two levels of exam prep tools and simulators.

PMP Exam Simulator: This is a solid exam simulator for those on a budget. This will be good enough for most who have a decent grasp on the material after class and want real-world simulators that match the complexity, structure, and content that you will find on the real exam.

PMP Super Simulator: For those who need extra study, you will get the benefits of the regular simulator plus training material and videos to compliment your study.

(Whichever you choose, get a discount by using coupon code PMCERTDC at checkout – click here. Since I license their material for my own courses, I have worked out a discount for my blog readers as well.) 

Nathan J. Kerr, MS, PMP is the co-owner and founder of PMCertDC – Washington D.C.’s metro area premier project management boot camp provider. With our primary location in Tysons, Virginia, we hold classes throughout the Washington D.C. metro area and anywhere online.

We are a proud Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business with a huge impact on the project management world. Visit us at https://pmcertdc.com

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