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7 Reasons to Choose PMCertDC PMP Prep Boot Camps

We are live, local or online, PMP experts with dynamic instruction and excellent values. 100% locally own and veteran owned.

With so many choices in the market, one may wonder what would set PMCertDC apart from the rest? We are glad you asked! Below are the reasons to choose PMCertDC for your Project Management Professional (PMP certification) training needs.

1. PMCertDC is a local business, but anywhere online:

Headquartered in Vienna, VA on the boundary of Tysons, VA, we serve primarily the Washington D.C., Northern, VA and Maryland region. We hold live, expert led classes on both the weekdays and weekends for working professionals.

All of our PMP or CAPM classes can be attended from anywhere in the world via our online platform learning simultaneously with our in-class students. This allows real interaction between our online learners and in-class learners.

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2. PMCertDC instruction is always delivered live:

Nathan Kerr Teaching Live CourseUnlike many other companies trying to make a quick dollar at your expense, we NEVER sell pre-recorded courses. Learning via zero interaction is a sure way of failing your PMP or CAPM exam.

PMCertDC only delivers training live where questions can be answered real-time and discussions can take place with fellow students.

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3. PMCertDC only uses the best curriculum and study tools:

As a small business owner, I frequently teach for four other training firms that contract me to teach their courses. While some are better than others (you really do get what you pay for), all of their materials are lacking in several ways.

PM Master Prep BookFor example, all of the other courses are taught by chapter order of the Guide to a Project Management Body of Knowledge also known as the PMBOK (currently in its 6th Ed.) The problem with this is that is not the logical flow of a project! This makes it harder for the instructor and the student alike.

Most of the competitors curriculum is out of date and have several errors. Most other courses will not provide unlimited access to exam simulators and none of the other courses have an actual text book with their slides. Ours do!

(You can purchase this book regardless if you take our course or not. Simply click on the picture. Make sure to use PMCertDC as a coupon code for a discount).

Project management should be taught in the logical flow of a real project, the curriculum should be updated and reflect ONLY what will be on the exam, and should use real life case studies to drive the overall points home. This makes for better learning.

Our curriculum is expensive, but we still purchase it for each of our students in order to pass on the first attempt.

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4. PMCertDC prices are an excellent value:

Is PMCertDC the least expensive training? The answer is no. However, we are definitely less expensive than most reputable companies while delivering more than the rest.

The reason is that we are a local business and handle all of our teaching in-house. Our overhead is lower as we have our own permanent training location and we are not forced to rent a hotel room to deliver training. Additionally, we do not have to contract instructors for our PMP courses.

Other companies that charge very low prices typically are led from overseas, the instructor is usually the lowest bidder found on the internet, and the course curriculum is lacking. Needless to say, you really do get what you pay for!

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5. PMCertDC Courses are NEVER Cancelled or Postponed:

Whether one student signs up or 10, our courses are guaranteed to run. Obviously if a natural disaster were to be imminent, the instructor was hospitalized, or something else very serious were to happen, than good judgement would rule the day. But absent these extreme circumstances, we do not cancel or postpone classes arbitrarily due to a lack of sign ups. All other companies do! Why?

Because instructors and rental space are so expensive, other companies have to have a minimum of three or more students to run a course just to break even. So they are notorious for giving the run around and pushing students to other course times. This will NEVER happen with PMCertDC.

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6. PMCertDC Puts the Student First:

As mentioned above, we never cancel courses. Additionally, every student that signs up for an in-class course receives $100 Visa gift cards as our way of saying thank you for choosing PMCertDC. This money can be used for lunches, offset transportation costs or whatever they wish to use it for.

PMCertDC is always accessible. We answer our phone when not on another line, always return calls, chat or text our students before and after the course to check on their progress etc. Below is a real (unsolicited) comment made by recent student on LinkedIn after passing the PMP exam on her first attempt :

“Shout out to Nathan for being such a great and accessible teacher!”

Pamela Brown, MPH, PMP

Bottom line, other companies are notorious for poor customer service. PMCertDC will always strive to put the student first.

7. PMCertDC is Veteran Owned and Celebrates Diversity:

PMCertDC originally went into this business with teaching military veterans the principles of project management in the civilian space. What the military refers to as “missions” are what civilians call “projects”. But we also found that many civilians did not realize how many hours of project management experience they already had as well. For instance a human resources representative tasked with implementing a new health care plan actually led and directed a project!

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While PMCertDC still teaches many veterans, our focus is on all who want to pass the PMP. This includes women and under-represented minorities in the various industries that use project managers.


PMCertDC recognizes that there are a lot of companies to choose from. But we are different from everyone else in many key ways. We are relentless in our venture to have the best customer support, excellent boot camps or courses, and all while keeping our prices low. We are a service-disabled veteran-owned business and 100% local. We offer instructor-led courses in-class or online during the week and on weekends for working professionals. Choose PMCertDC for all of your project management training needs.

Nathan J. Kerr, MS, PMP is the co-owner and founder of PMCertDC – Washington D.C.’s metro area premier project management boot camp provider. With our primary location in Tysons, Virginia, we hold classes throughout the Washington D.C. metro area and anywhere online.

We are a proud Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business with a huge impact on the project management world. Visit us at https://pmcertdc.com

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PMCertDC PMP Instruction in Action
Nathan J. Kerr, MS, PMP teaching PMP to students.


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